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A good-natured tomboy with a rebellious streak, Ajna was raised by her father on the outskirts of their rural town. Her father raised her to be fair-minded and tough, and trained her in martial arts so that she might defend their home. When their town is attacked by local warlords, Ajna discovers a mysterious power - the power to absorb certain individuals into her being. Furthermore, fusing with these “Incarnations” will not only allow her to summon them into battle, but also grant Ajna new weapons and abilities. Determined to confront the warlords and find out more about these strange new abilities, Ajna sets out on a globe-spanning quest that will reveal her true nature and much more.


Zebei hails from a nomadic tribe renowned for its archery. He left and traveled south in search of answers, because he felt something was missing from his life.

He’s a bit shy and can be easily overwhelmed by all the new people and sights he’s encountering on his journey, since he’s never been away from his tribe.

In battle, on the other hand, Zebei is anything but shy. As his tribe’s most accomplished archer, he can be a bit of a show-off, wowing people with his rapid-fire barrages of arrows and fancy flourishes.


A reclusive shamaness, Razmi lived on the outskirts of her village. There she devoted every waking hour to the study of shamanic magic, more for her own interest than any practical use.

Awkward and snarky, Razmi doesn’t get along particularly well with Ajna or the other Incarnations. Instead, she prefers to consult with Bom, the tiger spirit that lives in her lantern. As long as the lantern remains lit, Bom will be with her.

In battle, Razmi sics Bom’s fiery spirit on her enemies, and wields powerful spells and hexes. While extremely capable in combat, Razmi finds it rather bothersome and would rather be studying on her own, warmed by Bom’s light.


Tungar is a master of the “urumi,” a sword with a flexible, ribbon-like blade. He is hearty in both body and spirit, but years of practice and combat have left his body covered in scars. When not in use, Tungar’s custom urumi is wrapped around his head like a metallic turban.

Tungar was once a prominent military commander, and now leads an ascetic life looking for capable youth to train. Jovial and outgoing, he is prone to sharing his sage advice and war stories with the anyone in earshot, whether they are interested or not.

Contrary to his usually garrulous nature, Tungar is brusque and deadly serious in battle. There he wields his urumi with a deadly combination of fury and efficiency, slicing his foes countless times in the blink of an eye.