Battle Mechanics Update

  Since we released the Backer Preview late last year, we’ve been working to further refine and expand Indivisible’s battle system. First, a brief video showing everything we’re about to describe! Now, let’s break down the new things we’ve added. Character Move Reordering While you can’t see it here, we’ve reordered many characters’ moves. The […]

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Welcome to Kaanul

On the far side of the world lies Kaanul, a prosperous nation surrounded by lush rainforests. While historically the people of Kaanul were thought of as warm and welcoming, an event shook the world sixteen years ago turned them inward. Kaanul’s ruler, the Snake Queen, had a prophecy that an “obsidian wind” would take all […]

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Kampan Animations and Gameplay

A gifted mechanic and thief, Kampan uses her custom Buster Arm to rob the Iron Kingdom’s nobility. You’ll notice that the animations in today’s update aren’t as rough as those we usually feature – these have gone through the second phase of animation production, tie-down. Rough animations are tied-down, and then go to clean-up for […]

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