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Indivisible Coming to Nintendo Switch!

From the moment the Nintendo Switch was announced, many of you began asking if Indivisible would be coming to the system. And even before that, many had asked about seeing a Lab Zero title on a Nintendo platform.

At long last, I’m happy to say that Indivisible will be coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Check out the announcement trailer here!

This will be Lab Zero’s first foray into Nintendo development, and we couldn’t be more excited! Platformers and RPGs are great to play on the go, and seeing that Indivisible is both, we think it’s a great fit for the system. It will look absolutely beautiful on the Switch’s screen, to boot!


About the Switch Version

The Nintendo Switch version of Indivisible will launch simultaneously with the other releases in 2018!

Don’t worry, though – in order to make this happen, Lab Zero received additional funding from 505 Games and hired a programmer to help with the port so it doesn’t take away resources or slow down the rest of development.

While we don’t have anything running on Switch hardware yet, the new programmer is already hard at work laying the groundwork for the Switch version. He’s currently porting the game’s renderer to OpenGL, which will also complete much of the port work for the Mac and Linux versions, as well.

We’ll have more information on the Switch version as it develops, but needless to say, we’re very excited.


About BackerKit and Platform Selection

Of course, now that the game is coming to Nintendo Switch, no doubt our illustrious backers are wondering “How do I get the Switch version?”

We have updated BackerKit, and you can now select the Nintendo Switch version on your surveys.

Simply take (or retake) the BackerKit survey you were sent via e-mail, and select Nintendo Switch for your platform of choice. This applies both to the digital version and Physical Collector’s Edition.

Please note that we will not be able to release the Backer Preview build on the Switch, so when that’s available you’ll still need to get that on one of the other available platforms.


BackerKit Surveys

Just a quick reminder about BackerKit surveys!

About 3500 backers have yet to fill out their surveys. And while we’re not going to lock surveys or charge things until 1/1/2018, the sooner you fill it out the better information we’ll have to plan ahead.

If You Need To Change Your Platform, Address, Etc.

If you need to retake your survey to change your address or platform and don’t have the original e-mail any more, you can claim your survey here:


If You Haven’t Received Your Survey

If you haven’t received your survey, please put the e-mail address you contributed from in here:

If it doesn’t send you a survey, it’s likely because you contributed from a different e-mail address.

In this case, please verify the address you contributed from, and contact BackerKit customer service and ask them to find your entry and assign the updated e-mail address to it.

You can do that here:

Once you change everything over to the correct e-mail address, you should receive your survey at long last.


If You’re Still Having Problems

If neither of the previous situations solves your problems, please contact Lab Zero at: indiegogo (at) labzerogames (dot) com.

We request that you only contact us directly only if the previous two options don’t work for you, because there are a lot more of you than there are of us.


Thanks so much for your support, and we’re excited to bring Indivisible to the Nintendo Switch!
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