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Phoebe Animation and Gameplay

We’ve got another early look at one of the characters we’ve been working on, Phoebe!

Phoebe is an Amazonian-style warror, and the largest playable character in Indivisible’s core cast.

She’s still plenty fast on her feet, though!

Her bow is so massive, it shoots full-sized spears instead of arrows. By holding the button, you can charge up Phoebe’s shot to send her target flying.

Her impressive size not only allows her to wield her massive spear-shooting bow, but also… grapple even the largest monsters.

Phoebe’s Down Attack launches enemies high into the air, making them easy pickings for the rest of the party…

…And her own Up Attack, which grabs the enemy and brings them crashing down!

Take all of these and add a little Iddhi to the mix and you get… one of her supers!

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