New Model Sheets

Last month, we revealed the model sheets for Ginseng and Honey, Dhar, and Razmi! This month we’re working on Baozhai and Phoebe, so here’s a look at their updated character designs and model sheets! First up is Baozhai’s model sheet. For reference, here’s her original design: And here’s Baozhai’s updated design: Those who watch our […]

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Qadira Animation and Gameplay

We’ve got another early look at one of the characters we’re working on right now, Qadira!   Qadira is handy with a shield, and she uses it to both attack her enemies and defend her friends! All of Qadira’s attacks have a secondary hit or function, used by pressing her attack button again or holding it. Pressing […]

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Incarnation Upgrades

Indivisible is an RPG, and RPGs need character progression! Today’s update will focus on one such aspect of character progression, Action and Defense upgrades. You can think of this as our alternative to buying new weapons and armor for your party. Philosophically, we want upgrades in Indivisible to be different and more functional than they are […]

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